Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're going a little crazy here today packing; every year I start later and later. My kids are nearly beside themselves with joy that we're leaving tomorrow. For the past 2 weeks at least, every time I tell Trent we have to do something (i.e. do a load of laundry, go to the store, cook dinner, etc), he says, and then go to World's End, right? Now I can finally answer him yes! :-)

Also, Trent has informed me all on his own that he has 2 "imag-ery" friends named Aunt Anna and Aunt Jo, not to be confused with the actual Aunts of those same names. He'll very adamantly tell you that they are very different from Anna and Joanna Manthey. They go with us everywhere, and they squeeze together in the seat next to him in the jogging stroller when I run. They're coming with us to World's End, of course. I take that to mean he misses his aunts very much, and will be glad to see them this week!!

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Anna said...

well that makes me feel a lot better about my "maginary" friend named Trent-man! :)