Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tomorrow morning I'm going to visit my friend Kim and see Alison. It's my first time seeing her since she's feeling better, so I can't wait to see the old Alison back!

Tomorrow night after the Harvest Picnic at MVC we're going to stay the night with Matt's Mom. She had surgery on her wrist today, so the kids and I are going to keep her company and help her out around the house while Matt hunts. Let's all pray, for Matt's sake as well as my sanity, that he gets a deer at some point this year. He is going for buck and doe, archery and whatever you call it with a gun, and if he doesn't get anything, he'll be like a mopey kid who didn't get what he wanted for Christmas. Maybe soon I'll be able to show you the proud Daddy of a big dead buck deer.

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Anna said...

Tell Lynda that I hope her wrist heals quickly! And, as always, smother the children with kisses for me!