Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trent has developed a fear of the dark. A real terror that I can't just tell him to get over. We bought him a little lamp that we leave on at night, and he's fine as long as that light stays on. Last night I asked him what he was scared of, and he said that when the light is off there is a shadow that looks like scary hair. Oh, how that sounds familiar! I don't remember how old I was when I developed my fear of the giant with crazy hair outside the doorway of my room. I was in the bottom bunk of the crib in our little "nursery", and beyond the doorway past Mom and Dad's steps was a tall bookcase with a big spider plant on top. I absolutely knew that it was a bookcase with a plant on top, but that didn't stop my insides from shaking when the light went out. It was transformed. My eyes were glued to that giant; I just knew that if I looked away or hid under the covers that he would sneak in and get me. I would call for Mom and she would come down and show me what it was, but as soon as she went back upstairs he reappeared. I would just lay there in terror until I fell asleep. At some point, obviously, I got over it, as I trust Trent will. It just seems funny to me now, and I don't think that I'm traumatized at all by it.

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